Do you know that there is a way to catch any pet with 100% catch rate? I know that sometimes luck can get the better of us but when it comes to higher tier Pet like Baphomet Jr. and Sohee where the Pet material to be used cost around 600k to 900k zeny its not that ideal to depend on Luck.

This is why I will share to you this guide where you can catch any Pet with 100% catch rate. Although this might be a little costly it is better to be sure that be sorry later on. Read this guide and thank me later!

Pet material used for catching a pet

PetPet MaterialCost
PoringGreen Apple16,000z
LunaticRainbow Carrot16,623z
YoyoTropical Banana56,262z
Savage BabeSweet Milk61,953z
Mandragora SeedNutrition Potion 195,266z
Baby Desert WolfWell dried bone68,916z
IsisArmlet of Obedience241,083z
Green PetiteShining Stone263,456z
DeviruchiContract of Shadow282,902z
SoheeSilver knife of Chastity686,547z
Baphomet Jr.Book of the Devil958,681z

Note! The price is based on SEA Exchange date Dec. 11, 2018

How to catch any pet with Presents

So how do you catch any pet with 100% catch rate? This is done by giving the pet a present first before catching. It totally make sense right just like getting a girlfriend ( if you know what i mean XD ). Below is a proven formula on how to do it and the credit will all goes to the owner of that photo which I found on the Ragnarok M Eternal Love community page.

How to catch any pet 100% catch rate
How to catch any pet 100% catch rate

Now a lot of you maybe asking if its worth giving five to six presents on a Pet considering that it will cost you millions of Zenies. The answer is of course Yes! Here in Ragnarok M Eternal Love pet aren’t just a display, getting one will actually give you a lot of perks and bonuses I listed some below:

  • Pets has decent attack
  • Pets can do labor where you will gain items, foods, rare materials, Eden coins, Arena coins and lot more
  • Pets can do Pet Adventure and you can gain rare cards and items useful in Headgear crafting and Adventure Class level up
  • Pets has bonuses for example Sohee can increase drop rate and Mandragora Seed can increase critical

So are still not convinced that it is not worth it? It’s your choice but I do hope that this guide helped you in your decision.

There’s a lot more guides that will be coming out soon! Just visit the Link below and bookmark it to get updated. Cheers and Happy Gaming!
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