If you’re one of the many players of Ragnarok M Eternal Love that is looking for ways on how to find Chowee then this is the correct article for you.

Where is Chowee?

There is a  part on the Missing Win Jar Quest in Payon map wherein after talking to Kinny Kid, a new quest called Naughty Chowee will begin, you will be asked to find a little kid named Chowee that was hiding in a room inside the Payon Castle.

To complete this quest what you will be needing is to use your camera since the angle where Chowee is located is completely hidden. So unless you got an idea where she is then you can’t click that location to initiate a conversation with her.

How to find Chowee location?

  1. Go to the location on the picture below

Chowee location in Payon

2. Now use your Camera to locate Chowee on that Hut. 

Chowee location in Payon Map

You may need to switch location on different parts of that Hut to locate Chowee in the right spot. But to make it easier for you just look for the part where there is a roof and a stair and surely she is just right under that roof.

Don’t you worry if you had a hard time locating her since you are part of the many people to experience this. This just prove that Ragnarok M Eternal Love did a great job in making this game challenging to all of us!

There you go! All you need to do now is to exit your Camera and click that part of the Hut so that you can initiate a conversation with Chowee and finish the Missing Win Jar Quest. And that’s how to find Chowee ladies and gentlemen.

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