How to log in to your BPI account Updated Guide 2017

How to log in to your BPI account? – BPI online banking is one of the most secured online banking service in the Philippines right now. Access to all of BPI’s websites (BPI Express Online, BPI ExpressLink, and BPI Trade) is secured using Verisign’s Security Certificate which enables SSL for end-to-end encryption and you to verify the authenticity of our sites. The Bank of the Philippine Islands also employ security products, such as intrusion detection system and firewalls, and other internal controlswhich are meant to safeguard, physically and logically, all our servers and information systems, including the data stored in these systems.



That is why  if you are into protecting your money and having the option to check on it on the go, then BPI Online banking suites you well. So here we are, with the most comprehensive and updated guide on how to log in to your BPI account.

Requirements of a BPI online account

  1. You need to have a BPI account. Examples are below:
    1. ATM Based, BPI, BPI family savings, or BPI direct deposit account
    2. Enroll a passbook based BPI or family saving deposit account
    3. BPI Europe account
    4. BPI Credit card account
  2. A secured Email Address
  3. Knowing your BPI account number
  4. Knowing your Joint Account Indicator



You can see the BPI account number and Joint Account Indicator below:

bpi account number


How to log in to your BPI account guide

  1. Step 1 is Register – First thing you need to do is to register by going to the link below:
  2. Step 2 is Choose from the options as the one below. But since the first one which is ATM Based, BPI, BPI family savings, or BPI direct deposit account is the most popular we will be using that in out guide.
    how to log in to your bpi account
  3. Step 3 of our how to log in to your bpi account is choosing if you are in the Philippines of not.
    bpi account philippines
  4. Step 4 is to Accept the Internet Banking Service Agreement of your BPI Online Account. What you need to do is just scroll down to the bottom of that page for you to be able to Check that you understood then Click on Continue.
  5. Step 5 is fill out the Account number and JAI (Joint Account Indicator) also choose if Savings or Checking. Then click Submit.
  6. Step 6 Upon submission you will now be asked to Fill out a registration form. The most important would be choosing your Username and Password.
    1. Username must be 6-12 alpha numeric non-blank characters
    2. Password must be 6-12 alpha numeric non-blank characters and case sensitive
  7. Step 7 After filling up the form you will then be asked again if you read the terms & conditions. If yes just check on it then click on Submit.
  8. Step 8 is to celebrate because you are good to go buddy!



Activating your BPI online banking account thru BPI ATM

  1. Step 1. Insert your Debit Card and choose Special Services.
  2. Step 2. Then select Activate Enrollments.
  3. Step 3. Choose the Express Online / Express Mobile App.

Once you see the EOL ACTIVATION REQUEST ACCEPTED then it is finally over! You now have your BPI online banking account. Congratulations!


Secure your BPI Online Banking account

For added protection, we also encourage you to do your part:

  1. Securely manage your password
  2. Use a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.
  3. Avoid using the same password for your online accounts (social media, e-mail, group buying sites, etc.).
  4. Disable your browser’s remember password facility.
  5. Ensure that you keep your password confidential at all times by not writing it or divulging to anyone.
  6. Ensure immediate change of your password if you think it has been compromised.

You also need to protect your computer against viruses, malicious programs, and hacking attacks. There are attacks which can capture your keystrokes, including your password and other personal information, and send them to another person without your consent. Please do not become a victim of Phishing attacks. Phishing uses e-mails and websites, purporting to be legitimate banks, to request recipients to update their login and account information.

And last but not the least, avoid doing Internet banking transactions using public computers such as those in the Internet cafes. Should you, however, need to do so, we suggest that you close the browser after logging off. We also advise you to change your password immediately when a private computer is already available to you.



If you think you may have responded to a suspicious e-mail, change your password as soon as possible. To change your password, Log in to your account and go to Account Maintenance –> Change Password

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