The Step by Step Guide of ECC Online Application – You can get an Environmental Compliance Certificate or ECC online by going to the website of Environment Management Bureau. We will also show you tips and proven ways on how to get approved easily. The Department of National Resources will carefully review your application so make sure to read our guide below to make it easier to get one.

The Philippines government is catching up with the world in terms of their effort to slow down the Climate Change. Applying for an ECC online is a great path to being a responsible business owner. We here at Olanap Media is trying our best to provide the best guide that you can find. Here we go!

What are the Steps for the ECC Online Application of DENR

ECC Online Application

  1. Step 1 – Visit their website and click Continue

    Click this link – online application home page

  2. Step 2 – Fill up the Registration Form

    This step is for those who doesn’t have an account with the Environment Management Bureau of DENR. You only need to do this one time to apply for other EMB related certifications and business.

    Make sure to check the image below so you will have an idea of the things you need before starting your application.ecc proponent registration page

  3. Step 3 – Draft your ECC Application

    Once fully registered, you can now access the portal to draft your ECC application. In this step, you will be asked to verify your project. Make sure to take note of the industry your project falls under.

    In compliace with MC2019-003, all projects that fall under Category B of MC 2014-005 must be applied through the ECC Online Application System. Please answer the questions below then click the Next button. For BARMM located project, please submit your application to BARMM environmental office.

  4. Step 4 – You will be asked to fill out the online Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Checklist form.

    Once qualified, fill out the online Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Checklist form provided within the website.

  5. Step 5 – Download and Print the Order of Payment for the IEE Checklist form

    After filling out the IEE Checklist form, download and print the Order of Payment. Go to any LandBank Branch nationwide and pay the processing fee of Php 5,055.00.

  6. Step 6 – Have your accomplished IEE checklist with accountability statement of proponent notarized.

    Make sure to double check everything to avoid repeating all the steps in this process.

  7. Submit and upload the necessary documents

    The account you registered will be very important for this process. Make sure to use the correct email so you can sign in any time. The EMB Regional Office will evaluate the applications filed online.iee checklist requirements

  8. Wait for the result of your application

    During the initial evaluation, the EMB Regional Office might approve right away or ask for additional information.  After all the pertinent documents are passed, EMB RO may deny or approve the ECC Application.

    Make sure to check your account frequently to speed up the process.

  9. Print the Result of your ECC Online Application

    Results can be printed on both EMB Online System through your ECC Online Account.

How to check status of ECC Online Application

Once your application is submitted, you can verify its status and location by clicking
the ‘ECC Applications’ from the menu.

  1. Click ‘ECC Applications’ from the menu
  2. Choose the application on the list to view the status and location. Check the image below:
ecc online application status verification
ECC Online Application Status Verification

You can also click the Mouse Cursor icon to view Routing History. Check out the image below:

There are instances when the application may be returned to you for clarification, additional information or for the notarization of ECC. In this case, the application requires appropriate action on your part. All returned applications will appear in your ‘For action’ page. This page serves as your inbox.

IMPORTANT: The page will sometimes contain messages asking you to submit additional documents. Make sure not miss them!

Who do you contact if you are having trouble with ECC Application

For technical concerns, please call (02) 920-2232 or send an email to Please include screenshots of the page before and after you encounter the error to help expedite in resolving the issue with your ECC application.


That would be it! I hope our guide about “ECC Online Application” have helped you in your Environment Compliance Certificate needs. Please leave a comment for any suggestions, correction and concerns about this post. You can also email me at