Pyotr Pavlensky Russian protest artist seeks political asylum in France

After the very successful and critically acclaimed of nailing his scrotum in Red Square, now Pyotr Pavlensky seeks political asylum in france

Pyotr Pavlensky was born in 1984 at Leningrad, Russia and became iconic for being a Protest Artist. Pavlensky became famous for an act wherein he sew his mouth shut in a protest against the arrest of members of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot.

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And that was just the start of a gruesome career for Pyotr Pavlensky. On May 3, 2013 Pavlensky held a political protest against repressive government policies which was called Carcass. With the help of his assistant he was delivered on the main entrance of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg in wrapped in barbed wire then stayed there silent and not even moving until the police released him with the help of the garden clippers.

Oksana Shalygina a colleague of Pyotr Pavlensky explained on an interview with Radio Liberty that a metaphor of the action had its immediate realization in the reality: as soon as the barbed wire was cut off, and the artist was freed from it, the same exact wire wrapped him back in with police, ambulances and numerous field investigators.

Pyotr Pavlensky later added that:

That is why I organized this action. The human body is naked like a carcass, there is nothing on it except the barbed wire, which by the way was invented the for protection of livestock. These laws like the wire, keep people in individual pens…

Here are another slideshow of some of the gut wrenching images from Pyotr Pavlensky.

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The Sexual Assault case of Pyotr Pavlensky

So where is Pyotr Pavlensky now? Hiding. That’s because he was charged for a Sexual Assault by none other than Anastasia Slonina. Slonina is a member of Teatr.doc, an experimental theatre that has supported Pavlensky more than any other Russian cultural institution over the past two years. According to The Art NewsPaper,

The theatre’s director, Elena Gremina, says that Pavlensky first attacked Slonina’s boyfriend, another actor. She posted a video on on Facebook showing a man resembling Pavlensky hitting another man on the ground, with the help of accomplices. According to Gremina, a few days later Pavlensky tried to rape Slonina and wounded her with a knife. Gremina says the incident “has no connection to politics, nor to art, nor to the theatre”.

But this statement was immediately denied by Pyotr Pavlensky saying that Slonina herself had sought relations with him and his partner. Which simply mean they are in a Threesome which some says isn’t surprising. Some supporters of the Russian protest artist also says that it was Slonina was being used to implicate Pavlensky and led to an arrest. Which is then a puzzle to Pavlensky himself given the fact that they were already held in question by the police back in December 2014 when he arrived in Moscow airport from Warsaw. Pyotr Pavlensky himself was surprised to be released. So let’s not accused the government of Russia yet. Maybe it was really just between the two. We would never know until the story folds. And when that happened will keep you update. So make sure to subscribe and comment on what you think.

Later on we will be posting a collection of the gruesome but artistic images of Pyotr Pavlensky.