Internet goes crazy on the Latest iPhone 7 leak scandal

Last January 6 the Internet goes crazy on the latest iPhone 7 leak scandal that was provoked by none other than Beats by Doctor Dre on Instagram.  Well who wouldn’t get excited if the company who posted that apparent “leak” are from the same company that was bought by Apple for $ 3 billion dollars. What happened is Beats by Dr.

Dre posted a photo on Instagram which appeared to reveal a so-called ‘Jet White’ iPhone 7 alongside its Studio Wireless 3 headphones. The term “Jet White” came from the fans themselves who got over excited and it is of course because of a previously released and very popular Jet Black iPhone 7.


New moves. New places. #StudioWireless

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Sorry folks it’s not an iPhone 7 leak scandal

During the first two hours people seemed to really believed that it is a teaser of the very much awaited “Jet White” edition of iPhone 7. But then came the Internet “experts” people who don’t believe everything they saw on the internet and started speculating. First they noticed that the pic is filtered. Obviously since on the bottom of that pic where the letters “iPhone” could be found is blurred. which just tells you that if its not filtered then it’s overused.

Aside from this comments started pouring in that if you do a closer inspection it will reveal that the colour was merely the result of an Instagram filter in combination with the Tilt-shift option. And to top it all you will spot from the rear camera that this is not an iPhone 7. Because of the ruckus it made Beats by Dr. Dre was forced to make a statement that it is indeed not na iPhone 7 but a silver not white iPhone 6.


Internet goes crazy on an iPhone 7 scandal leak 1

Latest iPhone 7 leak scandal

A blessing of disguise for Apple

This might be a good news for Apple since it just shows how people are craving for an iPhone 7 “Jet White” release. It totally make sense, fans was like – Matte is so 2016 I want my 2017 to be all glossy and shiny. Besides it would benefit them financially since after the holiday season market tends to go down and a new iPhone 7 release it the best cover up for that. The debunked “Jet white” iPhone 7 leak photo was still garnering a lot of comments and has now 54,730 likes. It is the best sign that people are begging for it. So come on Apple and get it done!

How about you guys? What do you want the next iPhone release should be? Feel free to leave a comment below, no need to sign in or anything. Ciao!

 Latest iPhone 7 leak scandal 2

Latest iPhone 7 leak scandal