Jessie Hallig older brother Rham dies before he could reach his mission

Jessie Hallig is the epitome of what brotherly love is. When he learned that his older brother Rham is seriously ill he set out a mission to travel using his more that 600 kms from Pasig City Manila to Bicol Sorsogon using his mountain bike. With him is a P 2000 that he plan to keep intact to help his family cover the expenses.

With a simple post on Facebook that now got 19000 shares Jessie Hallig captures the heart of the whole Philippine nation and specially his fellow bicolanos. Help poured in from everywhere and some people even accompanied him on his mission. On any place that he passed on his journey a group of mountain bikers will welcome him. Giving him food and even go as far as letting him rest at their home.

Jessie Hallig older brother Rham dies before he could reach his mission” is locked Jessie Hallig older brother Rham dies before he could reach his mission

Jessie Hallig older brother Rham dies before he could reach his mission

Jessie Hallig jorney from Manila to Sorsogon

January 15, 2017 is the time when Jessie Hallig posted a status about his ailing brother. It would indicate that he received an update that Rham is in a serious situation.

Kuya Rham..pleasee lumaban ka…lumaban ka..kaya mo yan..magtitiwala tayo kay God..gagaling ka..:(🙁
Pakiusap..lumaban ka..:(:(:”(                       – Jessie Hallig Facebook post January 15, 2017

And January 16 he started his journey from Manila to Sorsogon using his mountain bike. If you are familiar with the Mountain Bike culture here in the Philippines it is automatic that help will rush in. They are well know to help people even in a simple trouble like a blown up tire. I witnessed how my fellow mountain bike enthusiast supported Jessie Hallig along his journey. Take a look at the slideshow below:

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Even major news channel like GMA7 24 oras already took notice of Jessie Hallig’s heroic act. And I believe much of that can be credited to our fellow biker Howie Severino.

Jessie Hallig journey end with a tragedy

At around 9AM manila time, several people whose accompanying Jessie Hallig on his travel started posting news that the reason of his journey, his sick older brother Rham already passed away the closes time I can confirm on the hour of death is 8AM in the morning. During those time one volunteer said that Jessie was still somewhere in Sorsogon riding his Bike. With all the media coverage that it attracts I’m sure we can see it on the news later about what happened during those moments.

UPDATE: Video of Jessie Hallig arival at their house and knowing the Rham passed away

I was about to post this article when I saw a video of his arrival at their house in Bicol Sorsogon. It so dramtic, Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream. Just as you thought that his journey will be a happy ending with all the support and media coverage then this bad news broke up. What a sudden turn of events. The way Jessie cried on the video is will make you feel the pain that he is going through. I’m not even sure on how to end this article so just watch the video below.

To be continued. .

Although it ends with this tragic news I hope we got inspired on the way Jessie Hallig give importance to his Kuya Rham. We must learn to value our loved ones. You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. At the end of the day, life is about being happy, being who you are, and I feel like we are so blessed to have our family to support us no matter what we’re going through. Let this be a lesson, reminder and an inspiration to all of you.

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