Kim Domingo has something to say about Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

If Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler garnered sympathy from her fans well Kim Domingo didn’t let it escape lightly. After all Kim Domingo knows Jelai Andres all too well since they had worked together before specially that time when they were both featured in Men’s Club Magazine.


Just a quick flashback of what happened. So sometime in October the news about famous Facebook couple Jon Gutierrez aka King Badger and Jelai Andres was circulating. Although there’s no official statement a common friend of them broke the silence and give us detail of what happened.

Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez broke up

It was then known to people that the reason Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez broke up was because of a third party of another trending Facebook personality Toni Fowler. Toni was the mose famous member of the R-Breezy babes simply because of her oozing sex appeal and she’s not shy at all to showcase it on her Facebook followers. She would always tag her post with #GalawangFamewhore which pretty much sums up what her strategy in Facebook is.

It is not clear on how Jelai Andres discovered about the relationship although some says Jelai saw a steamy Facebook conversation of Jon and Toni, those with nude pics and video call session. Here is a Facebook post from Jelai about what she feels during those days.

Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

Jelai Andres confirms breakup

During those days Team Jolai was at the height of their success and thousands of fans came rushing on Toni Fowler labeling her all kinds of degrading name. With Toni Fowler reputation people didn’t even care that it was Jon who committed the cheating all they’re focused on was to whom it was with.

 The issue even went into another level when Toni Fowler posted a controversial photo of her own which shows her committing suicide by slitting her wrist. People went nuts and it was all over the net and now Toni has her own defenders as well.
Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler commit suicide

Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

Fast forward January 2017 and looks like the story will have a twist and it started by the “victim” Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler.

… Why some people do not care whether their reputation was tarnished? They simply care about stealing “taken” guys they want to have sex with, the likes, praises, good comments made by others.

… I’m talking about yung mga sobrang sobrang bastos na ha. As in.

… We need to get our brains, self respect, class, values on fleek. No man wants a woman that everyone knows what she got

Here’s the full Facebook post:

Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

Facebook post Jelai Andres for Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler in the meantime retaliated with controversial revelation that Jon Gutierrez was secretly texting her.

Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler reveals she was texted by Jon secretly

What a show it was! This is definitely a Winner story. Another Facebook Trending / Viral one and you read it first here are so if you don’t want to miss anything action bookmark this website and like our Facebook page.

Kim Domingo reacts to Jelai Andres post for Toni Fowler

Almost all of the pic I have here on this blog took me a while to find and was lucky since both the latest Facebook post for Kim Domingo and Jelai Andres was already deleted. Kim didn’t put a name on it but netizens quickly says it was for Jelai Andres. And some of them even commented it right on Jelai’s profile. You’d be the judge and comment it below.

Jelai Andres Facebook post for Toni Fowler

Kim Domingo reacts on Jelai Andres Facebook post



The Latest About Jelai and Jon Breakup

Hello Everyone, Olanap Media wrote this article January 22, 2017. All of the contents of this article are posted on the involved parties respecting social media accounts where some photos are already deleted. We are surprised that recently this article is getting thousands of views.

That is why we decided to write a follow up article on the latest about the Jelai Andres – Jon Gutierrez and Toni Fowler triangle. Check it out below:

Toni Fowler Speaks Up about Jelan and Jon Breakup

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