The Ateneo Bullying scandal just got out of hand after three other videos of the same Junior High student, Joaquin Montes surfaced on social media today. After the Palace itself condemned the said incident and calls for a probe it is very likely that the said incident will exponentially raise awareness on how serious we must treat the bullying of our children on our schools.

Ateneo De Manila University President Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin already released a statement that an investigation is ongoing and the school administration is treating the incident “with the highest priority and urgency.” Here on this article I will show you all of the videos of Joaquin Montes until we don’t see any actions taken by the school and the parents of Joaquin Montes on this Ateneo bullying scandal.

ateneo bullying joaquin montes
Ateneo bullying suspect Joaquin Montes

Four videos of Joaquin Montes surfaced on Facebook

  • Video #1 – On this video Ateneo bullying suspect Joaquin Montes was seens wearing white and bullying another student wearing pink. The reason for bullying is not clear but based on the conversation I think you will all agree that its not a valid reason to hurt someone.
Ateneo bullying four videos of Joaquin Montes #1

  • Video #2 – On the second video our Ateneo bully suspect is forcing a co student who’s already on his knees. But not satisfied Joaquin Montes even asked that the victim touch his shoes and admit he was “bobo” or dumb.
Ateneo bullying four videos of Joaquin Montes #2

  • Video #3 – Now this is the third video and somehow you will be happy since the victim fights back for a little while. But Ateneo bullying suspect Joaquin Montes is a Taekwondo black belter and its too much for the victim to handle as we see him kneel for forgiveness in the end.
Ateneo bullying four videos of Joaquin Montes #3

  • Video #4 – Now this one sparked the flame if this issue as its the latest incident before those three videos above surfaced. It happened right on the Ateneo de Manila University comfort room and you will clearly see that the victim ended up with a bloodied nose.
Ateneo bullying four videos of Joaquin Montes #4

LATEST: Philippine Taekwondo Association condemns Ateneo bullying incident

The Philippine Taekwondo Association on Thursday condemned the bullying incident involving a young taekwondo practitioner. In a statement, the group said it condemns “any form of misbehavior which includes harassment, bullying, and acts of violence.” There is a possibility that the association won’t recognize or take back the black belt of Joaquin Montes as a punishment for his crimes. Videos and Reads

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