Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series 2017

To celebrate the coming Valentines day the undisputed fast food chain in the Philippines released Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series. It contains different story line which all revolved about one thing – Love. But this year is much special because of the fact that “Hugot” is still a hot topic and can make it Viral and Trending as fast as it was before.


Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: Vow


The first story on the compilation is Vow. Which is started with a guy in barong during a wedding who was unconsciously  staring on the bride walking down the aisle. Then a flash back of of what seem to be romantic moments that occurred of course in a Jollibee outlet. The past seems like a story of love at first sight developed into a selfless devotion by the guy in barong. And every now and then it will go to back to the present as the bride comes nearer into him. Then BOOM! Another guy appears at the back which apparently is the Groom. Not yet millennials says Jollibee, this is not a happy ending but a reality check called #WalangForever.

Good job Jollibee! What a way to remind us of that hard brutal truth. Four days to Valentines day and this? The “Bida ang saya” motto is now officially dubbed as “Bida ang sawi”. One of the youtube commenter also realized a moral lesson:

Moral of the story: Gwapo ka nga, mabait pa, mukha namang may trabaho, eh kung puro Jollibee ka naman, doon ka sa friendzone. Gusto mo talaga sya? Budgetan mo.

Really guys?! LoL! Anyway after that Jollibee somehow manages to recover with a video called. . .


Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: Crush


Admit it guys first time you watched this you are a little skeptical on what will be the outcome. After all Jollibee just broke your hearts out with that “Vow” commercial. So this time you waited until the end right? But still I know you are not satisfied with the outcome since the happy ending is a jump at the future where we are left to ask – how did those guys ended up with each other?

Only Jollibee would know the answer. But hey we still have a something to relate and that is what it feels like to have a crush, court your crush but still see your crush end up with someone else. That’s another “Hugot” delivered to you by Jollibee. Meanwhile there is a meme circulating in Facebook that is too funny to ignore:


Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series

Yumburger versus Angel’s burger | Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series

Now that’s a Hugot for US peeps who’s on a budget this coming valentines. Now let’s meet the most serious story of Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series. . .

Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: Date


Allow me to introduce to you the not so famous but equally heartbreaking story on the Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series called “Date”. It started out with a boy in puberty who seems like talking to someone that looks like his dad on the phone and getting instructions on how to surprise someone on a date complete with rose petals on the floor, neatly arranged table and of course Jollibee you will really feel what a big day it is. The story then unfolded that it is about a father teaching his son to surprise his mother on Valentine’s day. Isn’t that sweet?

NO! Big effin NO! Jollibee did it again and this time it’s not just about a crush or a love at first sight. It is about FAMILY! So it turns out that the voice in the video is a father who recently passed away who’s tasking his son to be his mother’s Valentine date from now on. The part where the bedridden husband talk to his wife about it is tragic and painful to watch:

“Hi Hon, Happy Valentines day. Sorry wala ako diyan. Di na ako umabot eh . .”
~ Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: Date

How about that guys? If you didn’t even feel a slightest sadness breeze on that part then I salute you!

The next Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series

Yeah baby. Bring it on Jollibee. The spotlight is on you to create another masterpiece. It is seldom for a seasonal series like that to be that successful but so far Jollibee has been on point. Not to mention the power of social media and the millennials going crazy of everything about “Hugot” That’s well played right there!

Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series

Jollibee = 3 | McDonalds = 0 | Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series

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