Olanap.com is back!

Thank you guys for your continued support even though the website is down for a very long time. I didn’t lost anything at all, I still have my Youtube channel: Olanap.com which is doing great:

Olanap.com youtube channel stats

-Olanap.com youtube channel stats-

Considering that I didn’t do anything at all during those months it is really heart-warming to learn that people are interested in my contents. I will try my best to improve my website and my Youtube Channel and get the most interesting videos there is out there. Olanap.com will go extra mile in searching for the story about it and give you an update if there’s any. I hope that you join me with this quest and show your participation by SUBSCRIBING, LIKING and putting your thoughts on the COMMENT section. This will really help and motivate me a lot.

Olanap.com cover photo

-Olanap.com cover photo-

On the other hand I also remaked our Facebook Page to mirror what is happening on our Website and Youtube Channel. Why wouldn’t I? Everybody loves Facebook! Please show your support there as well. Even though I am dormant online that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything at all besides I just got an upgrade with my career and I’m learning lots of cool stuff on it that I could use on my little hobby here. So let’s go guys! This time I will really make sure that everyone is Winner. Stay Tuned!