The ABCs of Death

Last January 4, 2016 I uploaded a video that I thought is a trailer for a Saw film that would be released the same year. But it turns out its T is for Talk which one of the entry of a horror series called the ABC’s of Death. What they actually do is to search 26 directors from around the world for them to create a horror masterpiece about a Letter and its corresponding word. It was actually classified as Horror Comedy genre on IMDB but I assure you once you see the bloody and gory scenes that was on that film, there’s no reason for you to laugh.

There are currently 3 films that was officially released and is Abcs of Death 2 released last 2014 got the highest IMDB rating with the score of 5.5/10 (6,042 reviews)by IMDB which is pretty much high compared to other highly produced horror films from top studios. Just like the example of the highly anticipated horror flick of Annabelle which was also released back in 2014 just got 5.4/10 (87,215 reviews).

The ABCs of Death

-The ABCs of Death.

It’s all over Youtube guys, I actually found a great playlist below that contain most of the videos. You might want to check those out. But the main film consist of just 26 finalist and the winner turns out the be the T is for Toilet which is submitted by a UK-based director named Lee Hardcastle. It is very disturbing and definitely not for children. A humorously creepy claymation horror that tells the story of a little boy who is a bit uncomfortable about using the toilet.

Horror movies are hard to find nowadays. People are too consumed with technology that instead on focusing on the story of a film they will judge the animation. That is why it’s good to watch some good old fashioned indie films like the ABC’s of Death. Hope you I gave you something to spend the coming weekend. And by the way watch my upload below. Peace out!