Cherry Mobile launched its Cherry Prepaid LTE Sim!

Great news my friends! Cherry Mobile just launched its new Cherry Prepaid LTE sim cards that offers a great value for arguably less money then what competitors offer. Just to give you the gist of it, You can subscribe to 6GB of data which lasts 60 days for only 499,00 Pesos! while globe offers 4GB of data lasting that’s good for 30 days and is priced at 599.00 Pesos. Pretty big difference if you’d ask me.

How does it compare VS other Telcos?

Data Comparison between similar offers from other Telcos at nearly/same pricepoint.

There’s pretty much a substantial difference, it offers the biggest data allocation compared to other providers while being one of the most reasonably priced offer at 499, Again, the validity is a whopping 60 Days so if you travel a lot, this may just solve your problem with having to reload from time to time just to resubscribe to data. I’m glad that Cherry provided this flexibility on their service.

What about connectivity and Coverage?

Well, The service itself is provided by Globe and the Cherry Prepaid SIM uses Globe’s infrastructure to connect to the services, it is also 700Mhz ready which means if your phone supports it, you can utilize the broader coverage of LTE by Globe, You can always visit the Coverage page to find out if your area is listed. Generally, if you can connect to Globe’s LTE network, you will be fine with the sim card.

Check your if your area is covered by using this link: Coverage

Cool! So how much is it and where can I get one?

The Cherry Prepaid LTE Sim costs P29.00 to purchase which is already “tri-cut” for your convenience. It should technically be available to all Cherry Mobile stores but you can always check the Location page for more information.

Here’s more information about what you get when you buy a new sim

What do we think?

The new Sim/Data service offered by cherry does give a lot of bang for the buck Value for its asking price. This is definitely the right choice for people who likes to stay on the internet while being mobile, those who play casual online games every now and then. If you guys think we missed something, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below. Adios!