How To Get PhilHealth Number – If you lost your PhilHealth ID or forgot your PhilHealth number and want to get it back then you are on the write place. This guide is written with all the updated information as of February 17, 2019 on How to Get PhilHealth number from various option like Texting or Online.

We know that being a member of PhilHealth helps a lot not only in medical matters but also health assistance to qualified beneficiaries and dependents. Knowing your PhilHealth Number will give your easier ways to availa PhilHealth services. Let’s begin this guide on how to get one.

4 Ways on How To Get Your PhilHealth Number

How To Get PhilHealth Number

  1. Talk to Your HR Officer

    If you are currently employed then this is the easiest way to get your PhilHealth Number. Call your office and ask about your records.

  2. Call their Hotline

    Trunkline: (02)441-7444
    Call Center: (02)441-7442

  3. Email PhilHealth Online and Inquire

    Before PhilHealth has a Text Inquiry option to get your PhilHealth Number but it is no longer working. Good thing you can Email them which is pretty much the same logic. Email them at

  4. Go To Local PhilHealth Office

    Unfortunately this is the last resort. You really need to go to a local Philhealth Office and ask for your records. Don’t forget to ask for a print out of your Philhealth MDR.

What To Do After Getting PhilHealth Number?

Once you successfully receive your PhilHealth number from the options above, all you need to do now is to do the PhilHealth Online Registration. This way it will be very easy to you to print your latest PhilHealth MDR, update your records and also view your contributions online. Below is the Guide on how to do it:

PhilHealth Online Registration 2019 Guide

With the signing of Universal Health Care act getting your PhilHealth Number is more necessary than ever. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) confirmed recently that all Filipinos would surely receive health care services, without heavy financial burden due to costly treatments.

how to get philhealth number
How To Get PhilHealth Number

The Universal Health Care act aims to automatically include all Filipinos in the National Health Insurance Program, and grant them immediate eligibility to claim the benefits when needed.

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