NBI Clearance Online Application Guide – As of January 2019, NBI Clearance Online Application been recently updated by the government to make the application process easier than ever before.

This is an updated guide as of January 2019 on How to Apply for an NBI Clearance Online with all the rest of the information you may need available, including payment methods and establishments that accepts Dragonpay. With the launch of Multi Purpose NBI Clearance the online application got just easier.

This NBI Clearance Guide will Cover:

  • NBI Online Registration For NBI Clearance on nbi.gov.ph
  • NBI Clearance Online Application

NBI Online Registration for NBI Clearance on nbi.gov.ph

For you to start your NBI Clearance Online Application, you need to register an account on their website. You must remember that this process is not yet the actual application of your NBI Clearance. It’s about registering an account on their website.

Don’t you worry because Olanap.com will make this easy as 123. Just keep this page open and follow the procedures listed here.

How To Apply For NBI Clearance Online

  1. Step 1 – You need to go to the NBI Clearance Online Application website page.

    For your convenience, you can simply click here: nbi-clearance.com

  2. Step 2 – Choose NO on the “Do You Have An Old NBI Clearance Question

    Since you are First Time NBI Clearance Applicant you need to Check the No checkbox just like on the photo below:nbi clearance online registration

  3. Step 3 – Fill out The Initial NBI Clearance Application Form

    SYou just need to fill out all the fields, then click the checkbox “I Accept Terms of Service” and hit the Sign Up button. You will see other confirmation buttons. Just agree to whatever will popup next.

  4. Step 4 – Fill out the Required Personal Information

    SOnce you signed-in on your account, you will see under “Application” menu the form you need to fill out. You need to input all the required fields and it’s all up to you if you will leave the “optional” fields empty. Review everything then click “Save Informationnbi online application 2019

  5. Step 5 – Review everything and once ready click on Apply For Clearance

    If you find that there’s something wrong with the information you entered, don’t worry, you can simply hit “Edit Information” to modify things before proceeding on “Apply For Clearance

  6. Step 6 – Proceed on Picking a Schedule and Date of your NBI Clearance Online

    We prepared a seperate Guide below on the Scheduling and Choosing a date for your NBI Clearance Application. We also have a video of all the steps you need to do.

If you’re not aware what identification card to bring, you can check this previous article about manual processing of NBI Clearance:

NBI Clearance Valid ID 2019 Update

Once you’ve picked what to bring, hit “I Agree” and you will be shown with an important message that tells something like this:

“Your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER will be provided after you select your PAYMENT OPTION.

Your REFERENCE NUMBER shall be your GATE PASS when you enter NBI Clearance Centers.

To avoid inconvenience and long lines, please pay your NBI CLEARANCE FEE using your REFERENCE NUMBER at the selected PAYMENT OPTION.

Thank you!”

Just go ahead and close it then proceed to the NEXT STEP.

Schedule for NBI Online Application 2019

  • Step 1 – You will now be prompted to schedule your appointment. Here’s a sample screenshot and a straight forward procedure you can follow:
nbi online application 2019
Picking a Schedule on nbi.gov.ph NBI Clearance Online
  • Step 2 –Next, you just need to click on the date that has an available slot. When you click on the date of your choice, it will be added on the right side of the panel.
  • Step 3 – Now select the purpose of your application. You will see how much you need to pay for your particular application. There’s an additional fee of 25.00 for using the e-payment system.
  • Step 4 – There are several payment options you can choose. Use whatever you’re comfortable with.
nbi clearance payment options
NBI Online Application 2019 – nbi.gov.ph NBI Clearance

If you want a much detailed Guide on NBI Clearance Payment Options check out our Separate Article:

NBI Clearance Payment Options

  • Step 5 – Once you’ve chosen a payment option, you will be guided on how to do the actual payment. On the “Transactions” menu, you will see the “Payment instruction”. Click on that and follow the instructions on the page that will open.
nbi online application 2019
NBI Online Application 2019 – nbi.gov.ph NBI Clearance
  • Step 6 – When your payment is verified, the status of your application will change from Pending to Paid.
  • Step 7 – The “Payment instruction” will be gone and a “Details” button will appear on the right side. Click on that button and print your application form. You need bring it with you on your appointment day.

NBI Clearance Online Application 2019 Video Explanation

Guidelines on Processing Your NBI Clearance on the Appointment Day

  1. On your date of appointment, you need to personally go to the NBI office you entered in your application.
  2. Make sure to bring the ID you mentioned in your application. Still, try to bring extra valid IDs in case they need something else.
  3. Wear proper dress and make sure to look neat. Don’t bring any items that will not let you pass or give you trouble.
  4. Don’t forget to bring your printed NBI clearance application form.
  5. When you get to the NBI Office, do not waste time. Ask the guards, staffs, or the people there so you will be guided.
  6. Ask them that you applied for an NBI clearance online and you need some assistance. If they cannot assist you personally, at least ask for directions.

What to wear on NBI Clearance Biometrics and Picture taking

  • Once you find the window for biometrics. You will be asked to take a picture and have your fingerprints scanned.
  • Next, you will have your NBI Clearance printed. You just need to wait a little bit to finally get your NBI clearance.
  • Next is to celebrate because you are DONE! GREAT JOB!

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