ATMOS Fitness Smart Band : If you’re on the lookout to buy the fitness band you’d be using alongside your daily/weekly exercise routine, you’d be hard pressed to spend around ₱2,000 to ₱5,000 pesos (~$40-$120) to get a decent fitness tracker from manufacturers such as Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, Xiaomi, and many others. Meet the ATMOS Fitness Smart Band, a smart fitness band that does the basics what the premium brands can offer at less than half the price (850 Pesos, Kimstore). It works with both IOs and Android too so this device is something you shouldn’t pass on especially if you’re someone who likes tracking your workout session and nothing more.


ATMOS Fitness Smart Band

Here’s what it looks like when the 2 items are seperated

ATMOS Fitness Smart Band is made from a combination of rubber ,plastic, and a small sheet of glass for the OLED touch screen. It is available in black or blue variants. There’s nothing really special about the materials used but they feel quality enough to last long when used even as you daily watch.

The rubber strap has 2 pins for locking the device onto the holes and are easily adjustable to fit your liking. The unit itself which is made of plastic is detachable from the band and it houses the touchscreen and the USB interface for charging the device.



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The ATMOS Fitness Smart Band is capable of displaying the time/date, tracking the number of steps and calories burned made along with other additional sports activities such as swimming, basketball although I don’t exactly know how it measures the latter as the manual does’t really have any details about it. I’m happy to say that the pedometer is pretty accurate and only miscounts when you move too much while you walk (I’m talking about logging aroundaccurate 9k-10k steps everyday). Navigating on the touchscreen is done through three actions: Tapping: To cycle through different items inside a category, Tap And Hold: Selecting, Triggering the selected item, Swiping: Switching between the stats and settings category. There’s a night mode which tracks your sleeping activity and logs them into the companion app, you can also rotate the display.and lock the display to a specific activity selecting, such as only displaying step count. And let’s not forget the camera tool that allows you to take that glorious selfies on your phone by just tapping the Fitness Band.

This device also displays the notification from text messages and other apps which you can customize by using the companion App. Whenever you get a notification, the ATMOS Fitness Smart Band vibrates and the notification LED light breathes in and out about 5 times before turning off. You can then read the notification on the screen and tap scroll through the message or notification.You however, do not have control as to how long the display turns on which is a bummer since it only lasts 3 seconds before turning back off.

Lastly, The device supports gestures as lifting your wrist to your face will automatically turn the display on for a few seconds.


The ATMOS Fitness Smart Band uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. It supports both Android and IOs. and uses the companion app Zeroner Health (Not on the manual) to sync both time and the fitness stats. Do not bother installing the recommended app on the box of the device as it does not detect the band, I’ve tested it on 3 different phone and couldn’t get anywhere. I only found the Zeroner Health app which works after checking the developer’s page of the app recommended by default.

Battery Life

ATMOS Fitness Smart Band

Charging the device shows a breathing animation from the LED indicator, which is pretty cool!

This is probably one of the best feature of this device. While always connected to bluetooth, this device consistently lasted me a week of battery from full charge. It sometimes even had a little more juice left to it while starting the 2nd week on battery. Charging time only took about 30 minutes to 1 hour and the unit is fully functional even while charging.

Should You Get This Device?

Well, if you’re a fitness person who’s a little tight on a budget. The ATMOS Fitness Smart Band which costs just ₱850 wouldn’t disappoint as it has an excellent battery life, great build quality and covers the basics of a fitness tracker pretty well. However, if you’re looking for additional functionality such as the ability to play music, install apps, Change apps interface, then you’re better off looking at other options offered by premium brands at a more expensive price range.

You can get the ATMOS Fitness Smart Band Here.

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