How To Register SurfSaya 30 TNT Promo – Long time telecommunications company Talk n Text recently launched a whole new range of promos called SurfSaya. Just like the name indicates the promo features data packages for all your surfing needs. Here in this guide we will give you all the details of SurfSaya 30 and How to Register the said promo.

SurfSaya 30 Promo Details

Price₱ 30.00
Validity3 days
CallsUnlicalls to TNT/Smart/Sun
TextUnlitext to all networks
FB Everyday100MB per day

How To Register SurfSaya 30 TNT Promo

There are two ways to Register SurfSaya 30 TNT Promo

  1. Register by Dial *121#

    Dial *121# Navigate on the Menu and choose SurfSaya30
    surfsaya 30 tnt

  2. Register by Text

    Text SURFSAYA30 or SAYA30 and send to 4545

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SurfSaya 30 TNT Promo Guidelines

Can you still register to other offers when registered to this Promo?

Yes. Concurrent registration to all other promos shall be allowed.

When will the Promo available?

The Target launch date is on November 1, 2018 until January 31, 2019.

Is this available for those subscribe to Roaming?

Unfortunately No. A subscriber whose international roaming service is active will not be allowed to register to Surfsaya 30 TNT Promo.

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