Say hello to the new Gotscombodd90 promo of Globe!

Great news to all Globe Subscribers! Globe has not officially release the new promo Gotscombodd90 but it has been active for quite a while now (Since July) and we were able to verify its validity. You can now get 2GB of data and Unlimited texts to all network for just 90 Pesos! This promo is really good for customers who are heavy on data and are on a tight budget. Their current/official offer is the Gotscombodd70 which cuts the data allocation to just 1 GB and the price down by 20 Pesos.

How to Register GOTSDDCOMBO90?

Send an SMS to 8080 containing the word Gotscombodd90 and you’ll get a confirmation pretty much right away. The subscription is valid for 7 days. Also make sure that you have 90 pesos load balance.

Is the data allocation stackable?

Yes! In fact I strongly advise you stack it. Just before your subscription ends, register again to the same promo and your current allocated data gets carried over. The 7 day validity gets reset as well. Say you still have 500MB, subscribing to the same promo will now give you 2.5GB for 7 days with Unlitext to all network.

How can I check my subscription status?

You can send an SMS to 8080 containing the word GOSAKTO STATUS and you’ll receive a message containing the remaining data you have along with the promo expiration date

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What’s our say?

So let’s do some math, if you’re planning to use the service for a month, you only have to spend 90 Pesos a week for 4 weeks month and you’ll get:

  • 6 GB of Data, Unlimited Text to All network for just 360 Pesos for 21 days
  • 8 GB of data, Unlimited Text to All Network for just 450 Pesos for 28 days

This is way better than the current monthly based Data offers by Globe or by other Telco Networks.


In fact for you to avail 8GB for one month on the regular GoSURF promos, you’d have to spend 999.00 Pesos which to me is way to expensive for the data allocation it offers.

Happy Surfing!

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Happy Surfing everyone!

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