Chokoleit reacts

Chokoleit reacts to Chokoleit Scandal – So this just happened. Chokoleit posted a Facebook status confidently confirming that he knows he’s the talk of the town in the coming days. If you haven’t watched it yet click the link below:



Jonathan Aguilar Garcia better known by his stage name CHOKOLEIT is a filipino comedian, actor and TV Host. He is best known as Pearly Shell in ABS-CBN fantasy television series called Marina. Earlier today around 9PM a video showing Chokoleit and an unknown guy surfaces via a Facebook post which already garnered 1.5 million views in just 5 hours. The said video is now dubbed as “Chokoleit Scandal” it contains 1 minute and 9 seconds torrid kissing from Chokoleit and the guy.


It was learned that the guy did it for iPhone 7 but we don’t know that yet. Although a picture of the alleged guy surfaces in Facebook. Along with the post to Aliah (the upload of the video) thanking him that because of the video he already has an iPhone 7. Well we all know that Chokoleit is doing well for himself so he wouldn’t care about money at all. But what’s intriguing here is that what will the ABS-CBN do about it?


Chokoleit Reacts to Chokoleit Scandal

Since Chokoleit is a cast on various show on the said network are they going to axe him for now? Seriously there’s about 3 million views now on that video let’s just say 100,000 of those are minors. Of course curiosity will follow and with just a little search they will realize that he was a part of a television show that is for children. And then the child will asked his parent – Mom that’s the one with a scandal . . LoL i’m just messing with you.

Chokoleit reacts to Chokoleit Scandal

Chokoleit reacts to Chokoleit Scandal

Anyway let him be. The fact that Chokoleit reacts to Chokoleit Scandal is a proof that he doesn’t regret what he does. Goodluck to the two of them. Cheers!