Chokoleit Scandal surfaces on Facebook 1.5 million views in 5 hours

Chokoleit ScandalJonathan Aguilar Garcia better known by his stage name CHOKOLEIT is a filipino comedian, actor and TV Host. He is best known as Pearly Shell in ABS-CBN fantasy television series called Marina. Earlier today around 9PM a video showing Chokoleit and an unknown guy surfaces via a Facebook post which already garnered 1.5 million views in just 5 hours. The said video is now dubbed as “Chokoleit Scandal” it contains 1 minute and 9 seconds torrid kissing from Chokoleit and the guy.

Chokoleit Scandal

Chokoleit Scandal

If that was not Chokoleit I don’t who it was you’ll be the judge guys. Anyway why was it trending so much? Sad to say it’s the fact that he’s gay. It doesn’t matter if he’s a famous comedian or not but here in the Philippines if you post a video like that it will be viral bigtime. The fact is Philippines is a religious country and it’s still a taboo when you saw a video like the Chokoleit Scandal. People will say bad thing about it like the comments below:

Hahaha pera pera na lang tlga… Ninamnam eh minsan lang yan hahaha…

Ang lalaking gipit sa baklang pangit kumakapit 😂😂😂 para may pang gastos lng sa kay gf. Ewws😂😂😂

Isa lng masasabi ko matindi ang sikmura ng lalaking ito… ipa-tokhang na yang lalaki sabog sa shabu.. nka.shabu sya kinaya nya ang ganun.. wiw….

Buhay p kau pero cnusunog na kalukuwa nyo sa impyerno ….kaloka kababuyan ng mga ito feel n feel ng lalaki iwwwwwww

Lam ko na iniisip nyang lalake kung bakit nakekeri nya makipaglaplapan.. 😂 PERA BOY.. PERA KAPALIT NYAN 😂😂


That’s just some of the rude comments you can find on the original post. Although we can also see some good ones supporting Chokoleit Scandal. These are people who are liberated enough and can understand that you will do anything for love(?).

Wag mga hipokrito ha. Buti pa siya naka get ng cutie. Hahahahahaha san ang mga ganda niyo teh?

Who cares?! Geezuz let them be.

let them be

Saya nmn, nkahanap n si Chocoleit ng magpapasaya sa kanya ❤❤

That was sweet right? 😂😂

The uploader of Chokoleit Scandal

On the Chokoleit Scandal video you would here a group of gay cheering Chokoleit and his partner while kissing and it looked like Chokoleit know them so well since whatever they say Chokoleit and his partner will follow. One of the says:

Ide delete ko naman to eh sa tamang halaga . . .

Wow that was something. If that is the case maybe they knew Chokoleit was so drunk that he wouldn’t  care if they took a video of him or not. You can see Chokoleit was sucked into the moment eyes shut and too focused to even care about what they are saying but when someone cheer:

Pa sight nga nung kinakagat kagat . . .

That’s when things started to get rough and both Chokoleit and the guy obliged. Hmm. Are they really drunk or not? Anyway people are now asking who is the uploader of the Chokoleit Scandal so let me tell it you. He is Aliah Ferrer Vasquez  who’s also a gay and looks like the same gay who was cheering on the video.

Did he blackmailed Chokoleit before posting the said video? You’ll be the judge. Check out the Chokoleit Scandal below:


UPDATE: Guy in the Chokoleit Scandal revealed

Here’s a photo of the guy in the Chokoleit Scandal along with a message to the uploaded Aliah thanking him for the video. Because of this he got an iPhone 7. HAHAHA!

Who is the guy from the Chokoleit Scandal

Who is the guy from the Chokoleit Scandal

Chokoleit racts to Chokoleit Scandal

Chokoleit already posted a status about the scandal and he is proud of what happened:

So guys what can you say about this? Does it deserve to have be trending / viral or not? Comment below and discuss accordingly. Adios!