AlDub no more! Make room for ArDub as Arjo Atayde claims he and Maine Mendoza are “exclusively dating”. Kapamilya actor also says he likes “everything” about Kapuso Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza. This is after months of speculation from fans and the world of Pinoy showbiz, finally the actor from the newest ABS-CBN series “The Generals Daughter broke his silence.

It can be remembered that Maine Mendoza’s portrayal of Yaya Dub as the love interest of Alden Richard has catapulted her to stardom but lately the Dubsmash queen is doing just fine on here own even having a very successful TV show with Bossing Vic Sotto in Daddy’s Girl. Meanwhile Arjo Atayde laso received praise from fans and critics alike playing the role of Elai who has autism. Will this recent revelation will have an effect on the success from both Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza?

What’s the real score between Arjo Atayde and Main Mendoza and when did it started

When asked to explain about whats the real score between them the Kapamilya actor said:

“No, but we are exclusively dating, and I’m the happiest right now.
“Hanggang doon na lang po muna.”

Arjo Atayde and Main Mendoza are “exclusively dating”
A picture of Arjo and Main Mendoza in a restuarant
A picture of Arjo and Main Mendoza in a restuarant

They also asked the Kapamilya actor what he likes about Maine Mendoza:

“Everything. I’m just really happy.. She makes me laugh all the time.”

Arjo Atayde and Main Mendoza are “exclusively dating”

Not just that Arjo Atayde also claims that he expects Fans of AlDub to say something negative about this confession so here’s his message to them:

“For me, to insult me is fine. I’m a very passive person. But to insult my family and Maine… sabi ko nga sa social media, I let it go, wala akong kalaban diyan, e.”

Arjo Atayde and Main Mendoza are “exclusively dating”

Now that’s some guts you have there Arjo!

Here in the Philippines Showbiz a Love Team is sacred. And breaking that up will seriously affects the career of parties involved. Let’s just hope that the Aldub Nation will accept this revelation nicely.

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