Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal

This is the events surrounding the controversial Facebook post of a certain Luzviminda Pantaleon versus the girl who allegedly offered sex to her husband who was identified as Isiah Victoria dubbed as iPhone 7 girl scandal. The original Facebook post was already taken down but this scandal was posted around January 4, 2017. A very emotional wife sharing her grievances to the world the story of how  girl who looks like she’s still in her teens offered her husband named “Ferdie” Sex in exchange of iPhone 7.

Isaiah Victoria iPhone 7 Girl Scandal


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And mind you guys the teenage girl even boasted she can do anything may it be Massage, Blowjob or Anal. The series of screenshot of the conversation started with Isaiah Victoria initiating it and “Ferdie” just answering. Although the way it ended, looks like “Ferdie” was getting aggressive. “Ferdie” told Isiah Victoria to send him nude pics and the teenage girl obliged without hesitation by sending two pics of her private parts. After that “Ferdie” looks doubtful and ask if she really was the girl on the picture so Isiah Victoria challenged him to do a Video Call which you will see that it really happened. That’s when you will notice that “Ferdie” was impressed and even called her “Baby”.

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The story goes on. .

As of now a lot of stories are still circulating. The way that Luzviminda posted it in Facebook it looks like she is confident that her husband “Ferdie” will not falter on the temptation even saying that:

Thinking that she hit the jackpot for an iPhone 7, she flirts with my husband who rode along her scheme to make her think that she was one step ahead of him, when in reality he was 10 steps ahead.

But later on posted a picture about Marriage being tested and asking help from God. Clearly something happened. So make sure to visit my site for the latest update on this story. Isiah Victoria – the iPhone 7 teenage girl.