How to open BPI checking account

BPI checking accountOne of the requirements I had when I took my Pag Ibig Housing Loan is to prepare 12 months advanced of Post-dated checks which I believe is to make sure that I am committed in paying my Loan. I remember going to two banks namely Banco de Oro and Eastwest Bank which is both located in Waltermart Bicutan. Both of them rejected me saying that it is a requirement for me to have an open account with them that lasted 6 months before I can have my Post-dated checks.


bpi checking account

Actual image of BPI issued Checkbook – BPI checking account


That rule for me is somewhat absurd considering that it’s a requirement on Pag Ibig Housing Loan which is our government way of assisting its citizen to afford low-cost housing. Besides the fact that if a person says he will be using it to pay for a Pag Ibig housing loan you should know by then that he means business. That is why I’m glad I learned about the BPI checking account and how easy it is to get approved. But anyway enough of that personal rant and let’s get started right away with the guide.



Post-dated checks in BPI requirements

Getting your BPI checking account is easy. The list below is the only requirements you need:

  1. Valid ID with photo and signature (bring 2)
  2. 1×1 ID picture
  3. Initial deposit ( 10,000 minimum)
  4. Utility Bill reflecting address (Proof of Billing)


and that’s it no more no less. For the Proof of Billing and Valid Id make sure you already have the back to back Photocopy of it. And just to be clear in case you missed it THERE IS NO OPEN ACCOUNT REQUIREMENTS TO GET A BPI checking account.

bpi checking account

Printed Instructions found in the BPI Checkbook itself – BPI checking account


DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying that if you bring the requirements above you will get approved right away. When I went there at BPI UPS II East Service Road Branch, they took my 2 valid ID’s  and run a check on their computer so that’s how they decide right there.


How to open your BPI checking account updated guide

Here are the step by step guide that happened when I went to the BPI Branch.

  1. Talk to the person in charge on the processing of applications and tell them you want a savings account with Post-dated checks.
  2. He/she will be asking you about the requirements and tell them you are ready with everything.
  3. He/she will be checking your Valid ID’s and run a credit check on their system once you passed you are good to go.
  4. They will be asking you to fill up a for that I provided below. (check the form carefully and prepare you answers so that you will not cram for answers when you get there)
  5. You are all set just wait for the release of the checkbook after around 30mins
bpi post dated checks

A place where you can write the released checks – BPI checking account 



BPI checking account Customer Information sheet

BPI Customer Information Sheet

Depending on the purpose of your account you don’t need to answer all of the question there. But to be sure be prepared to get all of the answer you can.


What will you get on your BPI checking account

How to get Post-dated checks in BPI Updated Guide 2017

BPI Checkbook Actual Sample Check


  • 50 Pieces of checks ready to be issued
  • An option to have an ATM for Online banking
  • Deposit right away on the same day
  • An option to associate an existing BPI account as a backup in case you lost fund to avoid penalty.



The verdict

bpi checking account

BPI Checkbook request form in case you run out – BPI checking account


You are now ready to open up your BPI checking account

BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands is already an institution of Banking here in the Philippines. But I am still keeping my fingers crossed. It is only now that I am getting interested in this banking and investment stuff and I’m hoping to learn a lot and share it to you guys. I hope that I helped you open up your BPI checking account. So bookmark our website or Like our Facebook page to get updated in our new released articles. For personal inquiries just email us at Adios!