Tanay Bus Accident

Tanay Bus Accident – Thirteen college students and the driver of their bus were killed after the bus they were riding crashed into an electric post in Tanay, Rizal, early Monday, February 20. The bus, carrying students from BestLink College of the Philippines in Novaliches, Quezon City, was traveling along Sitio Bayucan in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, when it lost its brakes and crashed into an electric post at around 9 am. The bus was taking over 50 teenage students and an instructor on the trip.

A Youtube Video of the Tanay Bus Accident

Below is a video of the Tanay Bus Accident minutes after the crash. You will hear that someone is interrogating one of the students asking details of their trip. You will also hear that the said person is talking on his phone requesting for Ambulance, medical personnel and fire trucks.

Here are the list of confirmed Dead in Tanay Bus Accident

  1. Gerry Bernandino
  2. Jeid Cabino
  3. Elmer Cabrera
  4. Jonahfay Cerezo
  5. John Michael Dagondon
  6. Arneline Galauram
  7. Eman Gel Garinto
  8. Charlie Magdaong
  9. Robert Kenneth Pepito
  10. Hasmin Samauna
  11. Princess Nina Sentonis
  12. Lovely Siringan
  13. Jemerson Mesicula
  14. Mark Dave Baday
  15. Julian Lacorda Jr.

CHED halts college field trips after Tanay Bus Accident

According to Commission on Highe Education ( CHED ) Commissioner Prospero de Vera III

“The Tanay tragedy is a reminder that we must be very strict in regulating the use of public transportation for school-sponsored trips.”


It just so unfortunate our government official realized at the cost of 15 dead people. Isn’t the reason why they are called “government official” is because they can plan and foresee this kinds of accident and thus can have rules and regulations passed to avoid this from happening again? What’s your thoughts about this guys?

Meawhile, Tanay Bus Accident victims predicted their death on Facebook Post

A post was circulating online about the Tanay Bus Accident where 3 of the 15 dead appears to have predicted that something was about to happen on the trip. This is not a rare by the way. We all experienced someone we know who will tell story about a person he knows who got a what we called “pangitain” or “paramdam”. I checked the pics to know if it can be considered as that and I would say YES it is. Here’s the Facebook post of the victims of Tanay Bus Accident.

Gerry Bernardino

“Ang ikli ng buhay no? Kaya kapag may gusto ka, gawin mo. Kapag may mahal ka sabihin mo”

Tanay Bus Accident victims predicted their death on Facebook Post

Gerry Bernardino Premonition

Mark Dave Baday

“Gusto ko ng mamatay ngayon na tang ina nahihiya ako ng sobra!!!!!!!”

Tanay Bus Accident victims predicted their death on Facebook Post

Mark Dave Baday Premonition

Arneline Bonifacio

Tomorrow is the day. Ilang araw akong mawawala sa mundon ibabaw.

Tanay Bus Accident victims predicted their death on Facebook Post

Arneline Bonifacio Premonition


Believer or not I know that you felt something while reading their messages. Somehow near the said accident they have this thought about Life, how short it was, how they want to die and leaving this earth for a while. Well the date February 20, 2017 will be the day for them. The day of Tanay Bus Accident.


And that would be it! Condolence to all the victims of the said accident and I hope our government will do something that will prevent this in the future. I hope you readers can offer a prayer for them later. Anyway what are your thoughts about this? Feel free to comment below. Don’t be left out LIKE our Facebook Page and bookmark our website. You can also email us at hello@olanap.com Adios!