The Big One – a devastating earthquake on the way

The Big One is a name given by our scientist in Department of Science and Technology in reference to a massive earthquake that they predicted to happen soon. The Big One was said to happen in the The West Valley Fault, which moves roughly every 400 years. The last major earthquake generated by this fault was in 1658 or 357 years ago. A 2004 study funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency for Phivolcs and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority showed that the magnitude 7.2 quake could kill up to 34,000 people and injure 100,000 others due to collapsed buildings.

The Big One was also triggered by sudden appearance of rare Sea creatures on different parts of the Philippines. One of those creatures is the Oarfish which was found in Rombol, Cagayan de Oro and Agusan del Norte. The others are the Sun Fish found in Misamis Oriental and the Japanese Grenadier found in Boracay. All of those rare creatures are proven to be found only in deepest parts of the sea.

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One of the creatures which was found in Dinagat Islands got the attention of many because of it’s weird appearance on the pictures circulating online.

the big one earthquake rare sea creatures

Unidentified creature later found out as Whale or Balyena


It was later revealed after joint investigation by DENR, BFAR and local officials that it is a Whale or Balyena but is uncertain as to what particular WHALE specie due to its advance decomposition. In addition, BFAR- PDI send sample of specimen to BFAR Manila for laboratory examination to determine what kind of whale Specie and the cause of death. The carcass has a total length of 6.3 meters excluding the tail which is missing and a total width of 2 meters from the dorsal to pectoral fin. So people it is not rare as it was being showcased in Facebook, get your facts straight and continue to read below.

Now the big question is with the facts I showed you above why is it indicate that we are getting closer and closer to The Big One? Here’s my explanation below.

The Big One recurrence interval prediction explained

It might be impossible to predict when the next earthquake may occur but scientists can pin down what is called a recurrence interval or the average time span between earthquake occurrences. That is because the outside crust of the Earth where we are living in might looked as one big solid rock? But beneath it are tectonic plates which are like a pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle pressuring in and out against each other. Each pieces are in different sizes and each has limitation on how much pressure they can absorb and this go on in a cycle which resulted in Earth as we see it today. Applying that to The Big One we can say that it is now time for the West Valley Fault piece of Jigsaw Puzzle to move along with the people and cities that are placed above it.

For the West Valley Fault, four major earthquakes have been determined to have taken place in the last 1,400 years. It has a recurrence interval of 400 to 500 years. The last major earthquake originating from the fault was recorded in 1658 or 357 years ago.

The Big One triggered by sudden appearance of Rare Sea creatures in the Philippines

The San Andreas Fault System with recurrence interval


The Recurrence Interval is most notably proven in the San Andreas Fault which spans a length of roughly 800 miles (1287 kilometres). Other sections of the San Andreas fault also are far overdue for a big quake. Further southeast of the Cajon Pass, such as in San Bernardino County, the fault has not moved substantially since an earthquake in 1812, and further southeast toward the Salton Sea, it has been relatively quiet since about 1680 to 1690. Scientists have observed that based on the movement of tectonic plates, with the Pacific plate moving northwest of the North American plate, earthquakes should be relieving about 16 feet of accumulated plate movement every 100 years. Yet the San Andreas has not relieved stress that has been building up for more than a century.

Parkfield Earthquake, USAwas the most heralded scientific earthquake prediction ever. It was based on an observation that the Parkfield segment of the San Andreas Fault breaks regularly with a moderate earthquake of about Magnitude 6.0 every several decades. The records show it occurred in 1857, 1881, 1901, 1922, 1934, and 1966. More particularly, Bakun & Lindh pointed out that, if the 1934 quake is excluded, these occur every 22 years, with ±4.3 years estimate.

Rare Sea Creatures relationship to The Big One

Now I am now discussing the relationship of the rare sea creatures found around the Philippines and how it indicates that The Big One is coming.

 The 1975 Haicheng earthquake hit Haicheng, Liaoning in China at 19:36 CST on February 4. The earthquake registered at 7.3 on the Richter Scale, which is associated with total destruction of infrastructure and property. Haicheng had approximately 1 million residents at the time of the earthquake, which is known for being one of the few earthquakes to be successfully predicted throughout history. The prediction was allegedly based on reports of changes in groundwater and soil elevations over the past several months as well as widespread accounts of unusual animal behavior. Yes you read it right Animal Behavior.

Among the animals, the most difficult to ignore are the snakes coming out hibernation dens when the average temperature was much below freezing. There were nearly 100 snake sightings within one month prior to the earthquake. there are also large group of rats suddenly found Frozen on the road. There are also numerous reports of Cows and horses looked restless and agitated and chickens refused to enter their coops and geese frequently took to flight. We humans may have a higher intellect that animals but in times like this it became our disadvantage since we keep looking on loopholes of the signs that right in front of us. But Animals behave based on instinct and so far they have managed to survive.

Can Oarfish predict Earthquakes?

Now let’s compare it to the rare see creatures found in the Philippines and let’s leave the whales for now since it is not that rare by the way. The Oarfish, Sun Fish, Japanese Grenadier are all Deep Sea creatures but so far only the Oarfish has the history of predicting Earthquakes specially those big ones. The latest proof happened on February 8, two days before the earthquake that killed eight people and injured more than 200, a 10-foot long oarfish was found ashore in Carmen, Agusan del Norte, which is located approximately 168 kilometers away from Surigao City.

the big one earthquake rare sea creatures


In a 2010 report of the Daily Telegraph, the appearance of more than a dozen of oarfish in Japan was followed by destructive earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, and southern Taiwan. It happened again in 2011 when Tohoku Japan was struck by a devastating earthquake and Tsunami around 20 oarfish stranded themselves on beaches in the area.

According to traditional Japanese lore, the fish rise to the surface and beach themselves to warn of an impending earthquake – and there are scientific theories that bottom-dwelling fish may very well be susceptible to movements in seismic fault lines and act in uncharacteristic ways in advance of an earthquake. While scientifically the basis is that it’s theoretically possible because when an earthquake occurs there can be a build-up of pressure in the rocks which can lead to electrostatic charges that cause electrically-charged ions to be released into the water.


Now I just showed you History and Science facts that proves the validity that there is indeed a devastating earthquake that is about to happen. Not that I want it to happen but we can’t stop it anyway right? The only thing that matters now is since we already know it’s coming why not prepare for it. You got nothing to lose in it people. Reinforce your house foundation, gather supplies and emergency kit, prepare your savings and insurance and make sure to safe keep your important documents ready for evacuation. Remember the Yolanda typhoon in Leyte where there are citywide looting due to scarcity of food? Imagine if a disaster as big as that happened in Manila, probably millions of people killing each other to survive.

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