SPO2 Joselito Lantano prevents Holdapan sa Bus

SPO2 Joselito Lantano prevents Holdapan sa Bus – A lot of our Netizens from all over the world gained a new hero in the name of SPO2 Joselito Lantano who single handedly killed an armed robber and arrested two suspected cohorts at aroung 3AM April 4, 2017 Quezon City.

SPO2 Joselito Lantano prevents Holdapan sa Bus

SPO2 Joselito Lantano prevents Holdapan sa Bus


According to news reports SPO2 Joselito Lantano was on off-duty at that time and was seated in front of the Bus wearing plain civilian clothes. Around 3AM while the Diamond Star Bus was approaching Quezon Avenue Flyover a gunshot was heard at the back of the said Bus that got the Bus conductor running in the front and whispering to passengers that they where being robbed. Not knowing how many robbers are there our brave hero SPO2 Joselito Lantano shot the said robber twice making him fall on the ground. But according to witnesses the fallen robber still tried to trade shot which triggered SPO2 Joselito Lantano to fire the fatal third shot.


SPO2 Joselito Lantano prevents Holdapan sa Bus

SPO2 Joselito Lantano prevents Holdapan sa Bus – 2 robber arrested


That didn’t end there, our hero knows what he is doing so he didn’t backed down a bit and instead position himself where he can see everyone and warn them to calm down and do not stand up. This is to make sure that he can arrest anyone that might be involved in the robbery. He instruct the Bus driver to stop in a nearby Police station and waited for the cops. And along with the arrival of his colleague policemen two suspected cohorts namely Mark Lee Mahinay, a security guard and James Medrano, a construction worker was arrested although they deny immediately any involvements on the incident.

Video of SPO2 Joselito Lantano our Hero cop on Action in Holdapan sa Bus

Meanwhile a witness who claimed to be a passenger of the said bus named Mark Aries Santos Sangalang uploaded a thrilling video of how our Hero cop SPO2 Joselito Lantano controls the passengers after fatally wounding the armed robber. In the said video SPO2 Joselito Lantano was seen in front of the bus on the lookout of possible cohorts who might try to escape and at the same time telling everyone to just calm down to avoid untoward incident. You can also see the said robber who appears to be still alive lying on the floor. Look below for the video:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhhcWv36ZyI[/embedyt]

SPO2 Joselito Lantano our Hero cop will be promoted

According to Quezon City Police District director Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar who also arrived at the crime scene he was impressed by the quick thinking of our Hero police. That is why he will surely be in line for promotion.

“This shows how alert our police are and should be. Even if he was off-duty and going home, he was ready to face danger,” Eleazar said.

Lantano, a policeman for 20 years, has worked under the Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG) based in Crame since 2009.


Before that, he trained and was assigned with the PNP Special Action Force.

Lantano was recognized by the PSPG in 2013 for arresting suspects of an “akyat bahay” robbery group he caught in the act and chased in Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

For Lantano, his only thoughts were on making sure he survived the encounter for the sake of his 2 children living with him in Bulacan. Both are still in high school.

“I’m just glad that I did my job,” he said.

Netizens salute SPO2 Joselito Lantano our Hero cop

A lot of people on the Facebook community are making sure that our SPO2 Joselito Lantano’s heroics wouldn’t go to nothing by sharing witnesses post about what happened and commenting good things about it. Below are just some of it.

Sarap Tignan!!! Nakaka GoodVibes!!!  ~ Arjayra Aragon Vega

ang larawang Ito ay patunay lamang na nabigo ang mga nagdaang administration sa kanilang trabaho…Kung nakpag.aral lng sana ito ay hindi na ito manghohold.up sa bus. Dahil Kung nkapag.aral to cgurado ako na sa gobyerno na nmn to magnanakaw…hahahaha. wla pa ring pag.asa….. ~ Ed Tala

Masasabi mo talagang buti nga sayo dahil isa din ako sa biktima ng mga yan sa Edsa habang sumasakay din ng Bus nakahanap din ng katapat sana laging ganyan ang pangyayari. Hindi prin pla nagsipag tigil ang mga yan sa mga masasamang gawain nila hanggang jan kna lang. ~ Arnold Uybobolante

SPO2 Joselito Lantano prevents Holdapan sa Bus

SPO2 Joselito Lantano Hero Cop


Way to go SPO2 Joselito Lantano I’m sure financial support will pour in in a few days.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks to the Photos and videos of Din and Mark Aries Santos Sangalang