How much has Globe’s LTE coverage improved?


Globe LTE Speed Test – From Cavite to Ayala – We have been seeing massive improvement on Globe’s LTE coverage throughout the Philippines and it has been very convenient to majority of us who are always on the go. We no longer have to look for WiFi hot spots because mobile internet just won’t work. I’ve really felt Globe’s effort with their LTE coverage expansion as I’m now getting consistent LTE connection throughout the places I pass by between my work and home.


LTE Coverage of Globe. The data is from


I performed a series of Speedtests throughout my travel from my home in Cavite going to Makati and here are the results. This ran from aroun 7:00 PM-9:00 PM. Take note that I have used kB/s as my measurement instead of mb/s.


Test 1: Cavitex/Coastal Globe LTE Speed Test

globe lte speed test cavitex

With the ping clocking in at 19ms considering that I was inside a moving vehicle is great!


Test 2: Baclaran Area Globe LTE Speed Test

globe lte speed test baclaran

It was pretty crowded at this hour but it was very surprising that the connection was still very fast and stable.


globe lte speed test baclaran 2

Second test even outputted a far better result!


Test 3: EDSA: Malibay Globe LTE Speed Test

globe lte speed test malibay

The speed has been pretty much consistent since I got to EDSA.


Test 4: EDSA: Magallanes Globe LTE Speed Test

globe lte speed test magallanes

Still getting a pretty decent speed.


Test 5: EDSA: MRT AYALA Globe LTE Speed Test

globe lte speed test mrt ayala

Speed has slowed down when I got to Ayala. Partial reason I think would be because its overcrowded and a lot of people are connected.


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Happy Surfing!

Hope this improvement keeps on rolling and more customer gets access to internet. I’m planning to do a similar speedtest with SMART’s LTE network. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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