Dexter Manawat The Racist Rant victim

Another story is trending all over the internet today and it involves a Filipino, Dexter Manawat the Racist Rant victim from Las Vegas, USA. Apparently the outburst from the woman on the Facebook video started because she was angry sweeping the leaves coming from a tree on Dexter’s property. I mean seriously no matter how bad our morning was you shouldn’t even think of Racism for a simple, uncontrollable problem like leaves falling from a tree. It’s just doesn’t sound right.

Dexter Manawat the Racist Rant victim 1

Dexter Manawat the Racist Rant victim: The suspect on video

The video which the longest I saw was 1 minute 22 seconds contains just pure emotional breakdown, it’s like that woman was keeping those words all her life. And boom! Boy it went viral. The video started from Dexter Manawat saying:

I hear what you said. And did I come from?

Then the woman replied:

From some piece of shit, manila ass, fucking ghetto living under a fucking tarp, piece of shit land.

And all Dexter Manawat the Racist Rant victim could say is:

Awesome. .

You would see who getting the better of it. Dexter Manawat is keeping his cool, not losing temper and you can really feel it on his voice that he just doesn’t care.

Of course lot’s of people are siding with Dexter Manawat the Racist Rant victim, and who would not but her own kinds. Racism is a very sensitive issue, I believe sometimes people are overthinking about it but in this kind of situation the woman just drop it right off the bat. And that’s where it sounded so wrong. I mean Dexter Manawat isn’t asking for it. It’s not his fault if the leaves are going at your property nature did that. You can say a lot of crazier things about him so why resort to racism? Over leaves droppings? Come on!

When you throw off a racist comment keep this in mind, you are not just insulting that person but a whole nation. Innocent people who are living simple lives back at their country, trying to live a honest living and be nice to foreigners around them. Then suddenly here you are in a Facebook video ranting their fellow race and saying degrading comments about how they live? It is indeed true that racism is the refuge for ignorant.


As of writing, the video was already taken down. Dexter Manawat says the decision was made as a human being. Saying when the video was posted, the real intentions was just to reach out to his neighbor and protect his family. But  we all know Filipino netizens, no matter how small that is if it involves a filipino it will be viral. That’s the reason you don’t mess with filipinos online, do not post in twitter and specially facebook you are just going to lose. I believe this case was closed and we don’t need to search for the name of that woman anymore. I just hope that it stops with Dexter Manawat the Racist Rant victim, because if it isn’t then we become suspect too. Cheers!