Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2

This is a follow up on my first article that went viral earlier which convinced me to create a sequel which I will be calling: Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2. First I want to thank you all for the warm response on my first article that is why I spent hours scouring the internet for the latest update about this brewing story. Hope you like it.

Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2

Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2

So this is a follow up post Luzviminda Pantaleon, the wife of Ferdie who was offered by Isiah Victoria of sex in exchange of iPhone 7. This just confirmed that something happened.

Thinking that she hit the jackpot for an iPhone 7, she flirts with my husband who rode along her scheme to make her think that she was one step ahead of him, when in reality he was 10 steps ahead. – Luzviminda Pantaleon

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In the beginning you would notice that Luzviminda was quite confident that Ferdie was just playing around but it quickly changed to problems arising in their family. This story is getting our of hand and she has nothing else to blame but Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2. Maybe the offer was accepted by Ferdie and they had sex. Although Isiah Victoria was still denying this claim and her cousin even claimed that Isiah’s phone was hacked.

Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2 a

Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2

Isiah Victoria: From scandal to opportunity

But things quickly turned south when photos of Luzviminda Pantaleon and Isiah Victoria circulated again on facebook. It shows the teenager begging for the post to be taken down because of the damages it has done. We all know how judgemental filipino netizens are right? Although Luzviminda seems to acknowledge how hard is it to be on the situation of Isiah she can’t just forget the fact that in her end, a family was taking the blow.

Imagine a peaceful family for about let say 5 years with harmony and loyalty being destroyed by a girl who dauntlessly offered herself and dignity to a man in exchange of iPhone? We can say that the man has fault but who initiated it first? And way Isiah Victoria seduced Ferdie is provocating even offering different ways to please him, by massage, blowjob, sex and even Anal. They even had a Video call and sent nude pics just to prove that she is the real deal! – Isiah Victoria – iPhone 7 Girl Scandal Part 2

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As you can see on the photos above Isiah Victoria says that she will just took this opportunity. Even boasting that she ha a lot of likers now. I mean seriously I think that’s a good idea. Because no matter how hard you try to escape this mess that you did, girl it will haunt you down. At least take something good out of it. Like creating a page and posting silly stuff that we all know filipino netizens will still patronize.

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Take a note of Abby Tolentino? She’s now having a time of her life after that sex scandal. There’s a numerous promotional offers now left and right and lots of followers on her page. Sad to say but I believe this scandal will benefit Isiah Victoria more than it destroys her. Right guys? And how about Luzviminda Pantaleon what can you suggest for her to do? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Feel free to comment below.