Globe GCash

GCash is an internationally-acclaimed micro payment service which transforms a mobile phone into a virtual wallet for secure, fast, and convenient money transfers at the speed and cost of a text message. It’s a very convenient way for you to do online transaction with local and international brands. Here in Olanap! we recognized that a lot of people are looking for answer in how to apply and start using GCash that is why we will launch a series of articles to cover everything.

GCash Features

Here are some of the most updated features or capabilities that having a GCash account can do:

  • Powerpay+
  • GCash Remit
    Globe GCash Application Guide Updated

    Logo of Globe GCash

  • GCash2Load
  • BIR Payment
  • GCash Billpay
  • GCash Gaming
  • GCash MasterCard
  • Express ATM + SIM
  • GCash Libre Padala
  • Convert Globe Prepaid/ TM load to GCash
  • GCash American Express Virtual Pay
  • LGU transaction payments using GCash
  • HDMF/Pag-Ibig Bills Payment via GCash

CLICK HERE -> Use GCash to pay for NBI Clearance

 How to register for Globe GCash via *143#

I know you are excited to learn how to register GCash so here is the guide I created based on the *143# command

  1.  You would be needing a phone with a Globe or TM Sim card
  2.  Go to your contacts and dial *143# command
  3.  A pop up will show up and you will see GCash in Option #9
  4. Then Option #1 for Register
Register for Globe GCash Step by Step Guide

Register for Globe GCash Step by Step Guide

  1. The next pop up is important since it will ask you for the Desired PIN which is an added layer of security for your transactions.
    GCash Registration Confirmation Message

    GCash Registration Confirmation Message.


  2. After that First Name and Last Name
  3. Then your Complete Address
  4.  and lastly your Email
  5.  If everything went right this will show –>


That was easy right? Aside from the message above you would also receive three text message as shown below.

GCash Registration Confirmation Text Message

GCash Registration Confirmation Text Message

Globe GCASH KYC Know your customer

The process above is enough for your Globe / TM to have GCash however there’s still one vital process that you need to follow and that is known as KYC or Know your Customer. Doing this will unlock the full potential of your account. These are the following services that you need KYC:

  • Send Money
  • Convert Load to GCash or GCash to Load
  • ATM withdrawal (for customers with GCash card)
  • AMEX ( with above 5K Transactions)
  • MasterCard – POS and Withdrawal Transactions

In order for you to have Globe GCash KYC or Know your Customer what you need to do is:

  1. Visit any authorized GCash Know Your Customer Outlets and present your VALID ID.
  2. Fill-up the form with the required personal details (make sure to fill in the correct data).
  3. The outlet’s customer service representative will then take your photo.
  4. You will receive an SMS Notification that you have been included in our Know Your Customer database. This message will contain an MPIN. Reply with the said MPIN to confirm receipt of the SMS notification.


One important reminder is that if your “*143#” registration details are different from the details you submitted to the GCash Know Your Customer outlet.

The personal details you submitted to the GCash Know Your Customer outlet will override the details you keyed-in during your registration using the menu, *143# or the Mobile App as long as it is supported by a VALID ID.

GCash Maintenance fee

I know that Globe GCash is cool but there is a catch. A P50 maintenance fee will be charged every month for accounts that are inactive for 6 months or longer. Keep your account active by buying load, paying bills, using GCash MasterCard or GCash American Express® Virtual Pay, sending money, cashing-in/out, or withdrawing via ATM.

GCash Mobile Application

For Android Users:

For iOS Users:


And that would be it folks! Thank you so much  for trusting Olanap! Feel free to use our comment below if you got any question, clarifications and corrections. You can also email us at Adios!