Reload Your Prepaid Sim Through BDO

This is a quick guide on how to re load your prepaid sim using BDO mobile app account. There are a lot of loading stations and options now in the Philippines. From our favorite suking tindahan to mall kiosks and supermarkets now offering loading options. It doesn’t beat to have one of the options at your fingertips just when you need a prepaid load the most.

This Guide Covers:

  • installation of the BDO app. iOs or Android
  • Enrollment and Loading Procedure

If you have not enrolled the account for online banking, click here for step by step process

Step 1: Make sure to have the BDO app installed!



load your prepaid sim using BDO

load your prepaid sim using BDO

If you haven’t then you can download the app here.

Step 2: Process A Re load your prepaid sim Using BDO App


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1: Open The App from your phone

2: Select The Account You’d like to get Load From

3: Click the 3 dash menu from the accountpage

4: From the Option Drawer, Select Prepaid Mobile Reload

5: Select Buy a Load

6: Select your preference in Loading Up with these 3 options and select the amount:

  • Get A Load From: Strange Enough the first option Asks for the account to get load from despite of it asking this from the first time Log In
  • Load This Mobile Number: Select a number you want to reload (The number has to be enrolled for i to appear)
  • Reload Schedule: You can automate Reload or Select a specific date to reload, The default selected is Immediate
  • Amount: Select the amount to load. I found it odd that the denominators are not very flexible. You have options to load 40,60,100,250,500,1000.In my opinion,  It would have been better  if there is an option to input your own amount and a small service charge (1 peso?)  is charged when loading under the minimum threshold. What’s good though is that currently there is no service charge in loading up using the app.

Finally, press continue and your number is now reloaded! It will also save this transaction on the “Last 10 Transactions” list on your account. And that folks is how easy it is to use the BDO app to reload your Prepaid number. If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to use the Comment Page below.